dtz-bildung & qualifizierung is the sponsor of three daycare centers. The “Kita der kleine Muck” is located in Koloniestraße in Berlin Wedding, the “Kita 1001 Nacht” in Karlsgartenstraße and the “Kita Lenaustraße” in Lenaustraße in Berlin Neukölln. Herewe care for up to 38 children in each case. We also offer places for migrant children. Our teachers and educators have at least one additional training or advanced training in an area of pedagogical work. This ensures that high-quality offers from different areas of experience, especially language development and intercultural education, take place in the day-to-day life of the daycare center.

In order to value the aspect of multilingualism and the presence of different cultural backgrounds in our daycare centers, it is important to us to bring different languages and cultures to life in everyday life. We work with the claim to offer every child the necessary opportunities, with the focus on a time full of trust, security and encouragement. We want to promote the education and development of our children with methods of pedagogical work, a variety of experiential opportunities, targeted, intensive language support and through offers for parents. The starting point of our pedagogical work is determined by the current situation of each child. The daily schedule is largely based on the needs and interests of the children as well as the existing situation.

Day care center ‘Kita Der kleine Muck’

Our daycare center “Der kleine Muck” is located in the southern section of Koloniestraße in Berlin-Wedding, in a residential building built in 1990.
In our facility, up to 36 children are cared for from the age of one year until they start school. We also offer places for migrant children.
There is a nest group with children aged 1-3 years and a mixed-age elementary group for the 3-6 year olds.

Address: Koloniestraße 7-8, 13357 Berlin
Phone: (030) 4847 8294
Fax: (030) 4847 8297
Email: kita@dtz-bildung.eu

Daycare center management: Frau Ladislaja Kemeny

Day care center ‘Kita 1001 Nacht’

Our daycare center “1001 Nacht” is located in North Neukölln, near the Hasenheide, in a residential building.
The facility cares for up to 35 children from the age of one until they start school.
We also offer places for migrant children.
There is a nest group, two elementary groups and a preschool group.

Address: Karlsgartenstraße 4, 12049 Berlin
Phone: (030) 622 68 15
Fax: (030) 620 010 91
Email: kita1001nacht@dtz-bildung.eu

Daycare center management: Frau Hülya Akgüner
Email: h.akguner@dtz-bildung.eu

Day care center ‘Kita Lenaustraße’

Our daycare center ‘Lenaustraße’ was opened in January 2020.
The premises were extensively remodeled together with the architectural office “baukind” and designed to be suitable for children.
Up to 28 children from the age of 11 months are cared for in two groups. Places for migrant children are also offered.

Address: Lenaustraße 12, 12047 Berlin
Phone: (030) 25 89 30 01
Fax: (030) 684 09 59 29
Email: kitalenau@dtz-bildung.eu

Daycare center management: Frau Valeria Borbonus